On sleep, sickness.

Sleep: Haven't gotten much lately. Whitney's gotten even less. I require ~6hrs / night to function...she requires more :-)

Sickness: Apparently, I've given whatever I had to everyone in my area. Germs 1, Humans nil.

* * *

Thought...a nice used 5-speed toyota pickup would fill my current needs quite well :-)

  • something to commute in

  • reliable as dirt

  • good for going to Lowes, getting firewood, etc.

  • runs on regular gas

  • easy to work on

  • decent mileage (25 mpg)

I'd probably want a 2wd model, though...and they'd be iffy in winter driving. Could get some snows for it + sandbags, though.

One thing though...because they hold their value so well, you just don't find them under $10k.

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