Buffy, tonails, a new cell phone

At my darling's insistence, I went over to our doctor today to get my toe looked at; over Christmas, I noticed my middle toe on my left foot was ingrown on the right side. Today I got it removed, feeling very little pain thanks to some lidocaine.

The rest of the day, I convalesced watching season 5 of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," my most excellent Christmas gift from Bella:

Also, I have a new cellphone...Decided that I wasn't using the 450 anytime + 5000 night/weekend package I had from Cingular, so I went the same route Bella did with Virgin Mobile. $20 for a phone, then prepaid increments as needed. :-) It'll be nice to not have that $50 each month.

* * *

No news on an E30 BMW...looking at this one. Got some pics from the owner and seems nice..

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