New Tires for Sharkey

I love buying tires. I imagine I feel the same way about buying tires that women feel about buying shoes. Each tire has its own engineering qualities, balancing wear, noise, cornering, bad weather, and price.

After consulting ConsumerReports, I chose the Yokohama AVID TRZ, 225/60R16, with an 80,000 mile warranty and good ride, noise, and bad weather characteristics. Not a performance tire, but why do you want one on a regular sedan?

This makes the 6th set of tires I've bought in the last 3 years (most of which are on this blog!)

  • Kumho Victoracers - Autocross tires (04)

  • Continental CH95 Touring - came for free when I bought my 15x5.5" autocross wheels.

  • Yoko Geolandar truck tires for the dearly departed Big Red

  • Kumho V710 - Autocross tires (05)

  • Bridgestone Potenza G009's -- Performance All Season for the MINI 195/60R15

  • These puppies

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