Well, at least he's already circumsized

There's little in life that compares to coming out of the shower to find you wife, clippers in hand, having utterly destroyed one side of her son's head, and realizing that she must 'even it up'.

It's a simple story really: Best of intentions ("Just a trim around his ears"), worst of possible outcomes (at this she says, "well, at least he's not bald"...never blog aloud...:-) ). Kid's a little short to starboard now. Port is well tapered, but that's because I seized the WWMD (Wahl weapon of mass destruction) before she could attack.

Of course, this was a gut-check moment for Whitney. Whom did she love more: Joe, or Joe's hair. For awhile, I doubted. But now, minutes later, I'm certain: his hair.

Later on, Joey appeared at the landing, a "hanger" on his finger. Bella sent him to bed, but he protested: "Aren't ya gonna clip it off".

'Neath her breath, she replied, "You don't want me near ya with clippers again."

Well, at least he's already circumsized.

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