Bleary-eyed, and hopped-up on coffee...

There's something unamerican about being at work at 6am. Whitney and I heard a great sermon yesterday about how to balance work, God, and home, and one suggestion from a guy who worked 45-50 hours/week (like me...) was to go in to work early, so that he could come home at a decent hour. Mondays are traditionally my longest days, so we set our alarm for 5 am and I was in to work by 6:08.

I've answered every email I had, updated our internal department webpage, made coffee, looked at our PE situation, scheduled meetings, and I'm about to fall over. This may take some getting used to.

Anyway, having reached a lull after 2 hours of uninterrupted work, I wanted to blog. Haven't done so in many days, and much has occurred.

Joey and I washed both our cars and waxed the MINI yesterday. He was an exceptionally good helper, and we had lots of fun in the 65-70 degree weather with the hose. Other good news: I got the garage rearranged so that I can fit both cars snugly inside, safe from Halloween mischief.

The nuclear family enjoyed a quiet weekend of me toiling on Honey-Do's. Our friends Jamie and Andy Seibert came over on Friday night for dinner, so the rest of us feasted on leftovers all weekend (not that I'm complaining). I had my weekly wig-out on Saturday night ~9pm, chafing against my new mantle of "Dadness" (I can just see my Mom grinning about that one), and deciding that I needed to do two things:

  1. Clean up the garage (which I did)

  2. Find some fulfilling hobbies

In other news, Whitney needs adult conversation. Like Fox News, I report, you decide.

I kinda like that new Chevy HHR saw one at Lowes while I was buying our super-duper 18 position 13' ladder on Saturday:

effecient, practical, and it's not a PT Cruiser. Based on the Cobalt platform, powered by an Ecotec. I doubt they'll sell very well, so resale should be dismal. Mmm....5 years from now, baby, you're all mine.

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