Coffee is such a good thing

Yes, it stains your teeth and addicts you, but man, my synapses are firing this morning.

Brought the Palm Zire back from the dead. I'm working on a wedding, a rally, a honeymoon, two projects at work, housework, yardwork, buying food for the house, and looking for a car for W. My brain asploded a week ago, and I need help. It's sitting on the charger right now.

Speaking of organizing...check out this site. Can't wait to look @ it tonight.

I'm helping to plan the Dog Days Rally, which will start in Georgetown on August 13th at 8:15 am. We'll be doing an easy TSD rally through the countryside, with a break in the middle. Just had a meeting last night with Lo & Phil, our rallymeisters, and they gave me lots of tips about planning the route. I need to get the route planned and flyers designed by Sunday. Yikes.

Other than that, God has turned on the soaker hose for Central Kentucky. The dying remnants of Dennis spin atop Owensboro, misting the earth and causing certain Software Engineers to oversleep.


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