Can blogging be a hobby?

I was recently filling out a registration for Hi5, which seems nothing short of a pyramid scheme to me, and one of the fields there was 'hobbies'

I entered the standard--autocross, photography, computers--but I thought, you know I blog an awful lot. Seems like I can't go a day or two without spewing my inner Harold all over this forum (Still militantly devoid of wanna debate me, email me. These are my own thoughts, damnit!)

So, is blogging a hobby? Def:

An activity or interest pursued outside one's regular occupation and engaged in primarily for pleasure.

This is definitely outside my normal occupation, though it involves the same medium (computers) that is my occupation. I do it mainly to maintain my own sanity. No one cares what I think (ultimately), but having a record of loves and races lost and won, of hellish and not-so-bad days under the corporate bootheel, and pictures I can share is soothing.

For some, blogging is a shortcut to getting published, for those who yearn to be someone a cut above the average salaried schlep living in post-modern america. For me, it's an essential pallative exercise. For some reason, knowing that if I die tomorrow, there are people who know about this blog and my words will live on, if only in electronic form.

Random idea for blogger (and its parent, Google) to make more money: Why not offer a service that, upon your death, your loved ones get a copy of your blog(s). Kill some trees to commemorate your own demise so that others can comment on how inane your inner thoughts were.


Yikes that sounds more vitriolic than I wanted.

Anyway, blogging...hobby :D


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