• I miss my MINI. It's doing yeoman work shuttling the better 2/3rds of my nascent family around Louisville.

  • Okay...scattered FROST tonight. In May. In Kentucky. ??

  • I've discovered the toughest part of step-parenthood is not what I expected. Not liking your stepkid, I expected. Him not liking me, I expected. What I did NOT expect is me really caring about him, yet realizing he'd never care about me.

    This is the same feeling Norie had about Jarod (ne "Bo Bo") Slone, and it makes me sad. I SO MUCH want to be a part of Joey's life, but there are certain critical moments that only a parent's love can get you through, moments when the child looks with uncertainty or fear and says to himself, "It's okay that's my {Mommy | Daddy}." I will ever be an outsider.

    Sadness. But such is life...

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