Wigging, part 2

The day is nearly over, and I've done quite a bit:

  • took the powerless powerbook to CompUSA down in Lexington for its first warranty service. Turns-out the PB is fine, my A/C adapter's worn-out. I have a new one on the way from Cupertino, all free of charge.

  • Had a rather fruitless quest for a new cell phone (which I don't need, anyway..) The Nokia 6230 is backordered in the whole region, and I don't like the Motorola V551 very much

  • Got a new Sam's Club card and bought a year's supply of razor blades for $28

  • Visited the mecca of tools (sears) and got a new pair of gloves and a Craftsman Strap-wrench (sounds like a sex-toy, doesn't it?) for my next task...

  • Changed the oil in the GTO with fresh 5w30 Mobil1 and a AC Delco PF46 filter. The gloves and the strapwrench made it a nice, easy job, and I finally had a good drip-pan from Wal-Mart. This is the point at which I really started to enjoy my day

  • I watched my first DVD in a long time...Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, directed by Mr. Madonna, Guy Ritchie. Like Q. Tarantino, Ritchie's an auteur, obsessed with male bonding, snappy dialog, and interesting camera work. At its heart, this it's the tale of bumbling petty criminals and their misadventures in London. Characters are well-drawn but confusing, since bald Englishmen with bad teeth and impenetrable accents all look and act alike...

  • After that, came the housework, the phone calls, and the second trip to walmart of the day, to get my Timex watchband fixed.

Along the way, I found out we have a new pope, the guy from Germany now calling himself Benedict XVI. He's a very conservative guy, so all the whiny Europeans calling for divorce, women priests, the removal of celibacy, and contraception will have to wait for Benny's (likely imminent) demise. For y sake, i'm proud that "The Church" is sticking to its guns...after all, if it withstood Huns, the Dark Ages, the Plague, and Luther, what's Post-post-modernism going to do?

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