Random complaints

  • Why were American cars from the early 90's so crappy? Specifically, I'm speaking of the the Chevy Lumina and Ford Taurus. Granted, these were cars of the (now non-existent) cheap, mid-size, soft suspension class, but where's the quality? Drive a 10 year old Accord versus a 10 year old Taurus, and the Honda is a revelation.

  • Why is it people at autocross keep trying to kill me? I was 10 feet away from 3 spins this weekend, one of which saw a guy in a Mitsubishi Evo sliding at me WITH HIS FOOT STILL ON THE GAS. Also, got to watch a 4000 lb Volvo S60R slide right into a patch of grass I'd been standing in just 10 minutes before.

  • Why must mother/daughter relationships be so rocky? Is there something about estrogen + estrogen that's similar to magnetism: Like charges repel? Is it the Electra complex, only lasting for 40 years? I had serious relationships with 3 women, and none could stand her own mother.

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