On Being Blown...

This is as blown as I've been since that time in College where I wrote my 'History of the South' term paper in 30 hours, from the start of the research to the completed, bibliographied, 20 page work.

I've been overseeing the translations workshop, trying to use my damn product along with the translators, and it's been a revelation. We're 4 weeks from release, and the product doesn't work. Not even close.

Certain features perform under ideal conditions, and certain features just don't. I'm tempted to host an amnesty day, in which all the programmers get together and reveal all the hacks, bad code, and issues that exist with their pieces of the codebase, because unless everyone gets very real, very soon, we're doomed. I can't BELIEVE how embarrasingly bad the user experience is at this point.

Anyway, I've been here past 9 or 10 at night since Monday and I'm starting to see things floating through my vision. I'm going to go home w/o my laptop and watch 'Sideways' and have some spaghetti. Peace.

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