This makes a week exactly since my last blog, and more like two since my last substantive update.

I was sick last week until Friday, going totally ape whilst staring at the four walls in my rather lonely apartment. Work on Friday was a pure joy; I was freshened and eager, though I sounded like a megaphone stuck in a tin-can when I spoke.

Friday was re-org day here on the Software-Development floor of LXK. My old manager, K, whom I respected is gone to her next tour of duty, replaced by the newly-promoted S, another woman. Instead of K's even-temperedness, we now have S's volatility. Combine that with her complete ignorance of my product, and we'll see. I know one thing...I'm sure she won't be having monthly one-on-one meetings with her subordinates the way that K did.

The weekend was nice, as Whitney, Joey, and I went to the craft fair at the Fair/Expo center in Lousiville. Joey was bored to tears, and I wasn't far behind, but hey, you need to do things for Mom every so often so I didn't mind it. Sunday was perhaps the worst, as it was the first litmus test for my 'no autocross in Cincy' resolution.

Picture it: I've been highly stressed and cooped-up for a week. It's 60 degrees with a light Southerly breeze. I'd gotten my new V710 race tires mounted and they were SITTING IN THE MINI. So, of course, I was inside, having a quiet lunch with the in-laws. It was nice, but that addicted part of me was screaming 'WTF are you doing here, man?!'. I've read the forums accounting the events up there for the past week, the swagger my pal Scott has had for besting the rest of the H-Stock class by 5 seconds. Irksome.

Now, there'll be plenty of autocross this year, more than my budget and clutch can sustain, I'd wager, just between Louisville and Lexington. But MAN I have the fever...

* * *

There's be some pics of this tonight, but what do I wake up to today? My apartment complex's clubhouse is IN FLAMES! I heard this low buzzing sound outside my apartment--turns out, it was the fire bell going off--and when I went outside to go to work, there were 5 fire trucks, hoses everywhere, and I couldn't get out. Grand... Anyway, pics to follow.

Last, but not least, a shout-out to Dr. Bud, who apparently didn't sleep with Miss Carrie Anne after last week's update. His continuing saga of reconciliation with Miss Jolene. This week:

  • Bud examines the realities of marrying a woman 25 years his junior

  • His best friend has a sit-down breakfast with him and slaps him with reality

  • We end with Bud going back over to his house to confront Jolene herself

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