Self flagellation...

- I was so keyed-up I didn't fall asleep until midnight.

- I LEFT MY FRICKIN MORTGAGE APP on the table instead of bringing it to work to fax it in. I am so upset by this. Had the darn thing done on Saturday night, but I waited until Monday so I could fax it in from work (read: free). Well, guess I'm not faxing it until tomorrow. Frick.

- I got boggin' (toboggin) hair so as soon as I got to work, I took my UK boggin off and my hair was standing straight up. Had to wet it and comb it for 10 minutes in the bathroom to get it to lay down.

* * *

On the bright side, I found out they made a mistake processing my raise from my promotion a few months back, so I get an extra $500 on my salary. And it's retroactive. w00t!

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