Life changing events...

Had a feeling 05 was going to be life-changing, and that's come to pass.

* I'm wanting to get married
* I'm trying to buy a house


* I've been promoted/demoted/reassigned to be team lead of my product. I now get to "drive" the new function, attend all the meetings, and generally be the point man for the whole thing. This should look good on my resume as I'm assuming more responsiblity and leadership.

The track record of those who've had this position before me is undeniable:
M -> Area lead architect
S -> 1st line manager
S -> 1st line manager
D -> Requirements lead

Does it scare me? Yes. Does it make me long for the simpler days of Perl scripts and throw-away Java code? Yes. Does it excite me in a weird way? Yeah. It's'll definitely help me move up in the company.

My fears are manifold: I'm moving away from the technical arena of creating things to organization, administration, and architecture. I could lose the edge that makes me such a hotshot around here. Team Leads (particularly D) became figureheads who moved from meeting to meeting, losing the respect of their people. Ugh.

I want to change things. Lord, grant me the wisdom to serve the members of my team, keep some balance in my life, and make the right decisions when the time comes. Amen.

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