Ugh...what a weird, up-and-down day. I'm currently on a very strong DOWN...

- Up at 7:00 when Dad calls. He re-confirms we're going to the Farm Machinery show in Louisville tomorrow. Up
- I have to go to work today Down
- I take a vacation day. It's nice outside, and I can go ring shopping and relax. Up
- I realize just how dirty my apartment is Down
- I clean it up and organize Up
- I head out to the ring shop that Scott suggested. Up
- While at the ring shop, Dave calls me and tells me they're sending him to Luxemburg tomorrow and that they need me. Down
- The ring shop only sells loose stones, and then gets them set. Up
- They're out of princess cut diamonds Down
- As I'm pulling into the parking lot, I get a call from my beloved, and she's very happy Up
- She thinks I bought her two dozen roses. I hadn't. Down
- I get the work done in about an hour, calling Whitney as I leave. Up
- She's mad and disappointed I didn't send her flowers. I'm disappointed that I didn't send her flowers. I make an offhand remark. Hilarity ensues. Down...WAY down.

So, my day is sucking so far, but it is beautiful outside. I have the weirdest inclination to drive to Florida or something, though I'm a little old for Spring Break.


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