Ahh, Mondays, the days I get up at 5 am, zombie-around for 2 hours, rush to the office in time to be 5 minutes late to my Monday Video Conference...

Some random thoughts:

  • My theory o' the day: You can tell how close a software development firm is to crunch time by the state of its snack machine. Full snack machines imply workers who aren't snacking, thus ones not in a hurry. These lucky hackers come to work after a good breakfast, take time for lunch out (or brownbag), and leave in time to eat dinner elsewhere.

    An empty snack machine reveals the department crunched for time, with programmers consuming raw, sugary snacks like Pop Tarts, Zingers, and *gasp* Honey Buns. They're staying late, working into the wee hours to concoct our next killer, free (!) software product.

    Our machine had only one package of Pop Tarts left, which is a sure sign of things ramping-up.

  • Brad Pitt wanted kids, and Jennifer Aniston didn't; that's my take on the whole Brad/Jen split. These two seemed like a normal, committed couple, though Pitt strikes me as a genuine, likeable guy. My money is on Jen causing this whole mess.

    Or maybe she watched Troy, and couldn't stand the shame. Or maybe he watched any of her movies except The Good Girl. Honestly, though, seems like they should ammend Hollywood wedding vows to be, "'Til Death or 7 years or cellulite or it's-just-not-working-out-but-we-wanna-be-friends do you part."

  • On Marriage

    So why do so many marriages fail? Two factors (from a secular point of view): Miscommnication and Missed Expectations. Miscommunication arises because people won't seek to understand their spouse. Expectations are too high, in that our society promises fulfillment and happiness 24 hrs / day.

    From what I've seen, simply talking things out, remaining committed, and expecting highs and lows works. As was told to me, love is not an emotion. Rather, love is a choice you make every day, a binding sent by God to weave people together with a bond unbreakable by the tears in the fabric of life.

    Probably the greatest lesson I learned last year was to ALLOW YOUR PARTNER TO BE UPSET. Never rob someone of her right to be mad, forcing them to effect a mask of calm--She will resent you for it. If it becomes a pattern, she'll wear the mask always, never lettting you see her true emotions, creating a wall to true communication and understand. As heart-rending as it is to see someone you love mad at you, you MUST allow it.

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