Why OH WHY do I read The 'Tex? I mean, all it does is give me car fever, something fierce...

So, here's the deal...Pontiac brought the GTO back to America for 2004, and priced them right out of the market at $31k. This is roughly the same price as a Chrysler 300C.




Anyway, for $32k, I'm buying the Chrysler, no question.

...but the plot thickens...

After the inital hype died, Pontiac couldn't give away the GTO. Styling was somewhat bland, and the 6-speed got panned for being vague, but the essentials were there: 350hp V-8 engine, manual tranny, independent rear suspension, and room for 4 people. GM's stepping up to the plate, adding some "visual excitement" to the styling, and plopping-in the 400hp v-8 from the Z06 corvette

...which leaves a problem...what to do with the 2004 models languishing on dealer lots. GM has slapped $5500 of rebates on the vehicle, and combined with an invoice price of $29k for a manual tranny GTO and you can get one for about $25000.

It's a pretty good deal for a powerful, V-8, RWD car that's not a ford mustang :-)

And it just so happens, it's the same price as that Mini Cooper 'S' I priced-out on Sunday afternoon.


Unfortunately, it'd be an awful autocross car, at 3700 lbs. The dealership in Paris has a Kentucky blue one with the manual...I'm tempted to see if they want to deal. Driving my MINI long-distance w/people is painful, and I wouldn't be giving up much in mileage. The GTO is rated @ 29mpg highway with that ultra-tall 6th gear.

Insurance is probably a killer, though.

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