Serenity NOW!


Okay, when you're going on vacation there are certain things you don't do:
-- don't break the build. This is the prime directive, because if you're gone, you can't fix it.

-- don't lock half the libraries in the project just so you know no one (Harold!) can change them on you. This is the "this code is mine damnit" syndrome.

I'm hung-out-to-dry today, and I don't know whether to laugh or cry. My parter on this project is out until Monday, and she screwed-up our library system royally. The only workable version of our component is on her system, and I have no way to get to it other than calling her cellphone and asking her for her system password. She didn't check-it-in to our code library, so I can't do any of the work assigned to me.


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