Learned something on my way to South Lexington to pick up my office-mate Patrick: Don't try to ease into the throttle while your shifting the GTO. Clutch-in, shift, and STAY THE FREAK AWAY FROM THE THROTTLE until after you're in the next gear.

I had the poor car (still searching for a nickname..."Goat" is the traditional name for a GTO, and Big Blue is Robin's car's name...we'll see what pans-out) bucking like a bronco in traffic just shifting through 1-2-3. Once I stayed away from the throttle all driveline lash ceased.

* * *

Today's the day of the yearly Holiday potluck for my area. Everyone brings a dish and we all pig-out from 11-1. Usually some good ethnic food, thanks to all our Chinese, Filipino, Indian, and Japanese workers. They get to sample my ultimate taste of Kentucky--Maker's Mark bourbon brownies, made with a new recipie Whitney found on the Marker's Mark website.

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