I get the blessing of a quiet weekend after what's been a hectic week at work. Thank you, Lord!

Whitney invited me to her office Christmas party at the Gault house, and it was decent, if a tad boring. We arrived fashionably late (halfway through cocktail hour), and we sat with Whitney's boss and CEO, both women, and their husbands, as well as David and Anne, a great couple from WV who've just had a baby girl this past year.

The evening was okay. The food was great, the service was attentive, and the conversation was...umm...okay, not to my taste, but bearable. Then the entertainment began with the emcee and his partern beginning a LOOOONG party game involving each table of 7-10 people acting as a 'team', playing trivia. The game dragged-on for two hours, intermixed with Christmas bonuses and door prizes, finally ending with dancing, but by then I was pretty much pooped.

Whitney and I danced for about 20 minutes, then decided to leave.

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