Random thought about Dwight's sermon today:

As he discussed Ephesian's 3:25-32, Dwight interjected something interesting. It seems Europe is being overrun by Muslims.

This brings-up the defining conflict of the early 21st century: Fundamentalist Islam versus the Secularist Europe and America.

  1. What is the endgame here? Western civilization wants to assimilate the rest of the world (minus the Chinese/S.E. Asian block), but what's the Muslim game here? Western (especially European) thought is secular, and so can co-exist with Muslim nations. Muslim thought is more fundamentalist, so co-existence seems impossible.

  2. I'm reminded of Frank Herbert's book, Dune, where the fundamentalist Fremen can overtake the empire because they control the essential resource--the Spice. This situation seems similar

I suppose the greatest juxaposition here is the Muslims, who refuse to assimilate, versus the Secularist Europeans, who stand for precisely nothing. Christianity has meant nothing to these people since the Industrial Revolution, and they have no ideology beyond their own Epicurean delights. They're horrified by these people who refuse to yield to their immoral, diffuse culture.

The result seems inevitable--discrimination, open hostility, then persecution, ultimately leading to schism and revolt.

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