I've changed my opinion on the type-A, feminazi organization-or-die book I bought last weekend. In addition to a few gems of organization Zen ("Get a morning routine. That way, you won't be doing things willy-nilly". Thanks!), it's providing many useful Blog topics.

Such as: Why I'm glad I don't wear makeup. Or why I'm glad I'm a man, in general.

There's a chapter in the book about organizing your bathroom. There's another chapter about organizing your purse. Most of the former and all of the latter deal with one subject--makeup.

Here's my requirements for a good morning experience:

  1. Brush teeth

  2. Shower

  3. Shave

  4. Put contacts in

  5. Dress

  6. Leave

A woman, to all the above, must add some Picasso-like adornment of their face with foundation, mascara, lipstick, lipgloss, powder, eyeliner, lipliner, concealer, and God knows what else. Is this a one time deal? NO! The woman must somehow carry a miniture stockpile of all the above WITH HER throughout the day for the inevitable touch-up.

I couldn't begin to carry this off. I can barely coordinate the shaving ritual of Water, lather, shave, water, aftershave. I feel weighed-down by too many keys on my keychain or too thick a wallet. I can't COMPREHEND messing with that amount of stuff.

I figure a woman has a few advantages (I'd not be averse to having a clitoris...17 orgasms in a row must be a nice feeling), but forget it if I had to wear makeup.

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