Do I have a clothing personality?

This is the question I asked myself at 10:30 last night after reading another chapter in my Organization For Dummies book, this one about closets + wardrobe. Granted, most of the stuff was over my head: "For all your ready to wear clothes, don't wash them too often, and avoid leaving clothes in the dryer, as they will wrinkle". Okay, but what's all this "ready to wear" stuff. Who has clothes that you CAN'T WEAR?

The kicker for me was this phrase: "Go through your closet and ask yourself 'Does this piece really fit my clothing personality'?"

Now, I'm a big fan of jargon and neologisms, but 'clothing personality'? Is my clothing personality an introvert? Extroverted? Psychopathic? Fond of plaid? Squeamish around children and the stains they cause? (Probably)

[end bad Dave Barry-esque riffing]

As my darling said (translating the obvious womanspeak of it all), it means "Will this look good on me?"


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