Shots of A rather stormy ft. knox (Pics courtesy of Whitney)

Had a fair to middlin' day: Kept chanting "Look a-head...Look a-head" to myself throughout the course, but I couldn't seem to put all the pieces together. DNF'd or coned every run; just wasn't that much fun doing that. We had 3 heats, with 5 runs each (before the last heat was shortened to 3 runs b/c of weather), HS was in the 2nd heat.

We had a huge 9 drivers. most were newbies, but three of us were there with race tires: Scott, Joey, and myself, and I ended-up 2nd. I was very close to Scott's times, and had my head been in the game and all, I could've challenged him.

Had a bit of fun after that regarding a call to AAA from a guard shack to get a certain Green Ford Taurus containing all my necessary worldly belongings unlocked before the tornado hit. But that's another story. In short, we got the car unlocked, and thanks to Scott, David, Todd, and myself, we got my tires changed before the severe weather hit.

I've started using my cordless drill to help with putting the lug bolts on and off, and its an order of magnitude faster, and it makes for less strain on my back. Don't know if 13.2V is going to cut-it, was petering-out on me by the end of the day.

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