Scan of the Evolution School coursemap from last Friday.

It's a bit confusing, from the map above, but let me esplain:

  1. Start-out at the lower left, pointing towards the slalom. Enter the constant-distance slalom on the right and alternate until you get tothe 5th gate. Trip the timing light and that ends segment 1.

  2. Take the 360 going clockwise first time. Exit heading towards the top of the map. As you exit, trip the light again, and this ends segment 2.

  3. Go up to the top of the course and do a 90-degree bend to the left, arc-ing back towards the starting line. when you get back there, do a 90 turn into the sweeper, and trip the light, ending segment 3.

  4. Continue your arc up to the top left of the course, and switchback through the Chicago Box, taking a (now gentle) right-hand towards the 360-degree turn. As you trip the lights, again, that's segment 4.

  5. Finally, exhausted, take the 360 counter-clockwise. When you trip the lights again on your exit, segment 5 and your run are complete.

Fun, fun course! liked it very much. Hard on tires, though.

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