Well, long time and no blog.

Tonight, I find myself blogging from Georgetown, Kentucky's first cyber cafe, "Lock and Key Coffee House", in the old JC Penny's building, which then was a bank, which then was...er...something. Now it's a coffee house. they've got a website, but I can't seem to resolve the name. i'm sure i'll be back, so I'll post pics then.

Honestly, it's too cool for G'town.

* * *

Let's see, what's going on?

Susan is buying a new SUV, it would seem. She's tired of her Focus. Can't say I blame her, though goodness knows I see enough hot Foci in H-Stock. Good chassis, bad build quality. Had one for a week as a loaner while the Problem Child (My old jetta, may it rest in pieces) was getting the hood repainted. Hated it. They do drive rather nicely, though.

* * *

Well, I've had it with getting beat at autocross...i'm taking the Evolution school up in Louisville next Friday. It's kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing, but i need practice, and 5 runs per day just isn't cutting it. at the Evo school, they give you 35 to 40 runs in a day, plus feedback from pro drivers and Nat'l champ autocrossers.

* * *

I'm kinda excited about this weekend, though it's s'posed to be a rainy one: Going to Derby Breakfast with Joe and company on Saturday morning. For those who don't know, Derby Breakfast is a huge pork-barrel (literally!) political event where the governor of the state feeds breakfast to whomever arrives at the capital. We're talking good, old fashioned Kentucky breakfast: Bacon, eggs, gravy, biscuits...mmm...

Then sunday, i'm heading over past louisville to Ft. Knox for an autocross on an old Air National Guard runway. Big, smooth expanse of concrete. Course is s'posed to be long and fast. I almost hope it rains; never done an autocross in the rain

* * *

Went out and jogged on KY 32 for about 1/2 a mile tonight before I came to the coffeehouse. Nothing too fast, but it was defintely fun and restorative. my legs seem a little out of place on my torso...they're muscular and ready to go, but they've gotta lug along about 175 lbs of torso.

* * *

Last but certainly not least: Props to my gai-jin (is that the right word?) friend, Bill Randall who sent me an awesome postcard from his vacation. i'll try to get a scan of it and post.

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