Well, I'm offically poor.

I finally took the plunge and got myself my gadget-of-all-gadgets, a 15" Mac Powerbook:

After using our Dual Processor Powermac at work all week, I just had to break down and get one. I love everything about these things:

  • The operating system is unix-based, so it's got 25 years of development and tens of millions of man-hours of refinements in it

  • The user interface is unparalleled in its user-friendliness

  • The machine itself is a marvel: 1" thick, 5lbs, tough aluminum casing

  • It comes complete with all the tools one needs to develop applications.

  • Unlike Linux distributions, it has a whole company behind it to ensure compatibility and integration

Some specs:

  • 15.2" screen, huge bright and clear.

  • 80 Gigabyte 5400 rpm hard drive (most laptops only have 4200rpm drives...)

  • Superdrive: Will read and write both CDs and DVDs

  • Firewire

  • Wireless 802.11(b) and 802.11(g) integrated

  • bluetooth is integrated

Should have it in ~2 weeks. I also sprung for the 3-year extended warranty, because I've heard these things do have problems from time to time

* * *

Feels so good to do nothing this morning. Made coffee and some delicious pancakes; heading to Louisville this afternoon to watch The Producers at KCA. Had the tix since January; amazing how time flies!

Full report to follow....

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