I know, I know...long time no blog. This is amazing, considering the amount of time I've spent on my new powerbook in the past week.

Today is my powerbook's first (and, likely, only!) trip to work with me to show off to the guys

Saw Matrix: Revolutions for the second time last night at Whitney's place, and I must say it's better on the second viewing. After the overblown, quasi-Zen philosphy of Matrix: Reloaded, Revolutions was a let-down when I saw it in the theatre. Mainly, I was pissed-off that Revolutions had wasted 2 hrs of my life, b/c the 3rd picture basically discarded all the stuff from the second.

Actually, the first and third movies together make a pretty good, continuous storyline.

* * *

Excited as the Central Kentucky Region SCCA is downtown tonight @ Sawyer's Grille and bar; enjoy some Bass beer with the guys :)

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