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Joe was an engineer. He worked hard, studied hard and took pride in his work. He was also faithful to his wife, raised two children to be solid members of the community and attended church every Sunday.

Finally after a full life Joe died in his sleep one night.

On awakening he found himself facing St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. Peter looks in his book, and finds that Joe is not in the Authorized list. He looks at Joe and says, sorry!, pulls the trapdoor lever and Joe starts falling. Joe yells "Wait there must be some Missstaaakeeee".

A few hundred years later God is auditing the Big Book and finds that Joe should have been listed as Authorized. We, he goes on a rampage, thunder and lighting, assorted Vengeful God stuff. After calming down God picks up the cellphone and rings up the Devil.

God: Hey Dev, remember Joe, that Engineer I sent you a few hundred years ago?

Devil: Yeah, I sure do. I want to thank you for sending him down here. He's got the A/C fixed, and we now get broadband and digital cable. He's now working on beer-on-tap. Whatta guy!

God: (Pissed Off) Hey! You have got to send him up here. He should have never been sent down to you. He belongs up here.

Devil: Yeah Right. Finders Keepers. No way am I letting him go!

God: (Really Pissed Off) I'LL SUE!!!

Devil: (ROTFL) HA HA Where are you getting a lawyer HA HA.

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