There's nothing wrong with being at work at 5 o'clock in the morning, per se. However, it does feel a bit weird:

It's 4pm in India
It's 5 hours before most of the othe programmers on this floor arrive
It's 7 hours until lunch.

Robin asked me if I could get her to the airport for her 6:15 flight, so that req'd me picking-her-up at 4:15am. I'm usually not through my first REM cycle by 4:15 am.

So, on the bright side, at least I have a pleasant, other-worldy feeling.

* * *

Random observation: How annoying is it for people to talk on a cellphone in the supermarket? Situation: I'm shopping for meager supplies the other day in Kroger (beans, oatmeal, salt pork, etc.), and come across a mother/daughter pair. The mom looked to be about 40: Squat, overdone, over-coiffed, overtan. The jailbait looked about 15, apparently in love with whatever it took to get her hair that unnatural blonde color.

Now, we've all done that thing where you lace your way through the aisles of the supermarket in such a way that you encounter the same people over and over again, as they're making the same progress through the store (i.e. right to left, just as God intended), but for some reason, you skipped an aisle they went down so you're out-of-phase. Symptom: Ya meet EXACTLY in the middle of the aisle, just as the stockboy is restocking the Ramen noodles, so you have to negotiate some sort of Panama Canal-esque treaty for passage of your jumbo-mega shopping carts.

Well, as this was the situation, I got to observe both this woman and her daughter yakking on their cellphones for the ENTIRE length of the store. By the time we reached the milk section, I wanted to run up to her and say, "Yes, your friend's husband is an idiot! Why do I care? 'Cuz I've heard about it for the last 25 minutes. Also, I'm glad your test results came back negative. And yes, I think Atkins would work well for you. And it is indeed a tragedy that Victor's gettting older on Y&R. "

::Swivels to aforementioned Jailbait::

"Oh, and, like, I was like 'Shutup', and you were all like 'nuh-uh', and he was all like 'fer shure'! And ohmigosh I can't believe you just went and told Courtney [Q: Why are all annoying women named Courtney?] that!"

The upshot: Be a good citizen. Keep your cellphone conversations under 1 minute when you're in a place like that. (Okay, if you're one of those pathetic guys who goes to the store alone only to re-re-reconfirm with your spouse every item on the shopping list, you get one exemption per month. Us guys gotta stick together.)

* * *

Well, as I'm here, I should probably do some work :)

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